Web Design Tips for Doctors and Physicians

As a physician, you have plenty on your mind. Keeping your patients healthy. Managing your staff. Running your practice. With all these balls in the air, we understand your website might not be in the forefront of your mind. And that’s ok! To help you out, we put together a couple of tips to ensure your website is efficient, modern, and, more importantly, helpful to your patients!

Consider your bedside manner

  • About me section with qualifications and experience
  • Services
  • Insurance and billing information
  • Downloadable forms
  • Patient portals

Check out other websites

What are your colleagues doing? It may seem counterintuitive, but competitor research is a great idea for all medical practices. No, we aren’t telling you to copy! But you should definitely see what else is out there. Competitor research allows you to view website best practices firsthand and it will help you determine how your competitors appeal to patients.

Include online appointment booking feature

In today’s internet savvy culture, convenience is everything. By giving patients the option to book online you are providing them with an added convenience. Not to mention, patients can book at any time. No office hours needed! This actually leads us to our next tip:

Highlight a call to action

Whether it’s your phone number, a booking button or (even better!) both, your website should direct visitors to contact your practice. By minimizing their stress, you can improve their experience while increasing website effectiveness.

Make it mobile responsive

With mobile internet usage surpassing desktop internet usage, mobile-friendly website design is paramount for today’s digital landscape. A medical practice website is no exception!

Remember, your website is a direct reflection of your practice. By providing your patients with a professional and effective website, you are projecting a professional and effective practice. In the same vein, an outdated and amateur website projects an outdated and amateur practice. If you need to improve your website we can help!

Helping patients is your job. Website design is ours. Contact us today!


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