Web Design Tips for Real Estate Agents

Web Design for Real Estate Agents 101

In today’s internet-dependent world, every real estate agent needs a website. But not all real estate websites are created equal. Single page. Mobile responsive. Blogs. Forums. Search bars. SEO. HTML. For a lot of people, web design and its different elements just sound like a lot of gobbledygook and balderdash. But don’t worry! We’ve put together a list of website must-haves every real estate company needs. No acronym dictionary required! 

Featured Listings

Highlighting featured properties increases marketing to your listings. It also improves customer experience by giving potential clients a snapshot of what you have available. There are several different display options including carousels, slideshows, and listing-specific web pages.

MLS Integration

Your website should make it easy for clients to search for homes. MLS Integration allows you to automatically import your MLS listings directly to your site. No longer will you need to redirect clients from your site to the MLS. With proper integration, clients will stay on your site during the entire search process.

High-Quality Photos

Nothing sells real estate better than high-quality photos. These photos also sell something else: you! High-quality photos add professionalism and a sense of style. They also help improve your site’s SEO. Not to mention, high-quality photos just look great.

Social Media Icons

By directing clients to your social media pages and encouraging them to follow or subscribe, you can increase your exposure to potential clients. When you post information on your website (think new featured listings or blog posts) you should also post this information on your social media channels. Facebook alone has 1.23 billion daily users. So even if clients aren’t visiting your site every day, they can still see your content via social media.

Contact Information

It may seem common sense, but prominently displaying contact info is paramount in website design. Don’t send your potential clients on a scavenger hunt for your information. By displaying your contact info right on your homepage, you only increase the likelihood of them pick up the phone (or sending that email!).

Responsive Design

Computer. Smart Phone. Tablet. Screens of all shapes and sizes! A responsive website can be viewed on any device. In our opinion, responsive design is a website design best practice. Without it, you could be missing out on key sales. Still need more convincing? Google actually penalizes non-responsive websites in their SEO algorithm. Translation: your search engine results will suffer if you have a non-responsive site.

An investment in a modern, user-friendly website is an investment in your real estate business. A great website will drive sales and increase internet exposures. If you need to update your website to improve your real estate business, contact us today! We can walk you through the entire process and design a custom site just for you.

Selling homes is your job. Website design is ours. Contact us today!

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