Social Media: Swap Selling for Sharing

A lot of business owners have social media all wrong. They apply advertising principals to it—which means they constantly sell their product or service. But these messages aren’t appropriate for a social media page, and the consequences show up in a lack of engagement, few followers and fewer returns.

It might seem frustrating and overwhelming. You might start asking yourself, how do I wrangle this social media beast? How do I get people to follow me? How do I convince them to interact? And how do I funnel that engagement into tangible, real sales?

Simple. Stop selling, and start sharing.

Why selling doesn’t work

It seems counterintuitive to talk less about your product or service on social media. A lot of clients have a difficult time seeing the value of social media if they’re not directly delivering that carefully crafted sales message.

But here’s the secret: The value isn’t in how many leads you push into your funnel, as least not right away. The value is in creating brand advocates and brand loyalists, and selling doesn’t create those. Why? Because on social media, Content is King, and hard selling simply isn’t the most interesting content. People interact with brands because they are looking for value. This value has to be clear, free and come without a lot of strings attached.

The bottom line is, people get to choose what they do on social media. You need to draw people to you. And the only way to do that is to authentically provide them with the content they want and can use.

Why you should share instead—and how to do it

What does it mean to share? Simple. It means to continually post useful, personable and interesting content, and to encourage the conversation such content fosters.

Social media is, after all, a series of conversations. You aren’t going to be able to control everything about your social media presence, because the whole point is to allow users the space to respond, review and voice their opinions. The key to sharing is knowing that these responses are part of the process.

But how do you share what people want to see?

The goods news is, you’re the expert! It shouldn’t be hard to figure out what your customers and potential customers are looking for. If you sell golf clubs, for example, they might be looking for comparisons between the different clubs. What’s the best for a long drive versus a short chip? What’s the right way to clean and care for their clubs? How can beginner golfers find golf groups in their area?

You can also start encouraging discussion. You can ask your customers, “How did you improve your backswing?” You might get a range of answers from “I’m struggling!” to “I had great success with this method!” Then, your customers will start interacting with each other, explaining techniques and asking and answering questions. And just like that, you’ve created content that actually adds value to the lives of your customers.

The point of all this is so to put your business in mind, so the next time one of your followers needs some golf clubs, they’ll think, “I’m going back to Golf Clubs ‘R Us—I trust them to know what they’re doing.”

So if you want to start improving your social media presence, remember: Stop selling and start sharing. If you’d like to discuss more in-depth strategies for crafting a thriving social media presence, contact Fenix Creatives now!

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