Victim Service Center needed several graphic design updates for many of their collateral pieces. They also needed new branded graphics for their grief and trauma brochures and professional printing brochures. In addition to the graphic work, VSC needed web updates and new functions added to their website. Fenix was tasked with providing the services requested by the client within their project deadlines.


Information was gathered from VSC to better understand their vision and needs. Time was spent assessing the existing collateral to get a solid feel of the non-profit’s brand and messaging. The team at Fenix was also able to identify the web updates and functions needed for the website in order to achieve the client’s goals.


In understanding the brand and the shift the client wanted to take in order to incorporate both men and women into their messaging and outreach, Fenix compiled a solid plan for performing the necessary graphic design and web maintenance work. Some of the resources prepared included imagery, font-styling, new color schemes, information on required plugins and code updates to the website, and more.


The team at Fenix began by putting together a full working list of every update and edit that was needed for each graphic design project. Our team gathered all content and imagery, including resources such as the client’s branding guidelines. Once everything was ready, the team proceeded to work through the updates on the existing collateral first and then followed up with the new design work.

The web team followed a similar setup of gathering all necessary resources needed to perform the web maintenance work. Once the project began, the team worked diligently, going through every web update and new function until all client requests were fulfilled and reviewed by VSC for final approvals.

Collateral Assets

Our creative design team worked diligently to procure suitable imagery that would accurately communicate the client’s message sensitively and professionally. Brand colors were utilized consistently across each new collateral asset to for a uniform look. Ultimately, several brochures, tear sheets, rack cards and business cards were designed and professionally printed for VSC.


The team at Fenix successfully updated the following services for VSC within budget and schedule:

  • Rack Card Conceptualization and Design
  • Rack Card Professional Printing
  • Business Card Design
  • Business Card Professional Printing
  • Tear Sheet Conceptualization and Design
  • Tear Sheet Professional Printing
  • Crisis Card Conceptualization and Design
  • Crisis Card Professional Printing

New brochure services were also provided:

  • Trifold Grief & Trauma Brochure Design in English
  • Trifold Grief & Trauma Brochure Design in Spanish
  • Bi-fold Brochure Professional Printing

Web updates and maintenance were executed and completed within planned budget and schedule.


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