Schmid Construction’s website is very image-driven and is regularly updated as things change within the company. After hiring new key employees, the company’s marketing administrator wanted to ensure that these new employees appeared in key areas on the website alongside the rest of the leadership team. This developed a requirement for photography and biographies that matched the existing team members on the website. It was also important to maintain the current look, feel and voice of the brand. Web maintenance was also needed to keep the website functioning at top level.


The team at Fenix Creative Group and Samuel Muniz Photography did a full analysis of the existing website imagery and content to get a fresh outlook on what would be needed to maintain consistency. The maintenance needs for the website were also assessed in order to determine the type of updates needed for the core of the website.


In gathering the necessary information, the team was able to assess and determine the number of shots and angles that were needed for each new staff member along with the edits required to maintain the consistency the client needed on their website. The team was also able to determine the writing style and voice for the new biographies that had to be written for each new employee. Requested maintenance by the client as well as required updates were also outlined through investigating the backend of the website.


In order to make the client’s needs a reality, the team at Fenix scheduled set photography shoots with the client and directed the new staff on the positions and angles for poses to obtain the needed shots for the website. Lighting and setup were also adjusted to complement the shots.

The new staff members were interviewed one by one at separate appointed times to obtain the necessary information needed in order to write their biographies. In addition, any web maintenance updates were scheduled for the website to minimize downtime during busy business hours.


Fenix Creative Group and Samuel Muniz Photography were successfully able to accomplish the goals of Schmid Construction by providing them with professional photography, editing, writing and web services that kept their website up to date and consistent in the look, feel and voice of the brand.


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