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Florida Hospital wanted a solution to help them reach new potential hires and expand their reach to the followers within their social media networks. They wanted the top executives within their departments to leverage social media for recruitment as well as spreading positive messages of the internal staff making a difference within their various departments.


Fenix spent time with Florida Hospital to better understand their needs and collect information about the goals they wanted to achieve with the use of social media. Through these meetings, the team learned of the MyFHO social media profiles that are catered to the Florida Hospital staff. These social networks were separate from the main Florida Hospital networks and were used as platforms to keep staff informed and involved.


Fenix performed an analysis on the existing MyFHO profiles to understand the messaging and voice of the brand. From the analysis, the team was able to gather the necessary resources to help Florida Hospital’s key executives maximize their reach on the social media networks and also help them with amplifying their messaging in conjunction with the MyFHO profiles.


Fenix executed a social media process to help develop the strategy and plan Florida Hospital needed. The team studied the target market through research and development and developed a strategy for both recruitment and amplifying each key executive’s personal brand as extensions of the company.

An editorial calendar was developed as well as suggested topics for post creations. Branding and optimization recommendations were provided for the personal profiles of the executives along with social media plans for posting and engagement.

The team also prepared a full training presentation on recruiting through social media that the Florida Hospital team could use to aid them in their efforts.

Results - Social Media Assets

Over the span of two months, Fenix prepared several social media assets to accompany the consulting, training and strategy efforts of Florida Hospital. A presentation and hands-on training were provided with the group of executives to help them in establishing their social media presence online and be brand ambassadors for Florida Hospital.

Our team analyzed each executive’s social media profile and provided one-on-one consulting to key team members responsible for getting their teams within their departments more active on social media.

Below shows some examples of the social media resources prepared for Florida Hospital during consultations, strategies, and training.


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