Dr. Bruce Douglas is the author of An Entrepreneur is for ALL Seasons, a new book he wrote that teaches people how to use entrepreneurship to transform their lives and the lives of those around them. Since this was his first book in the author space, he needed to leverage social media to help promote his book and increase brand awareness and sales through various online book seller platforms, more notably Amazon. The team at Fenix was tasked with the job of creating a customized Facebook page and using the platform to promote the book and Dr. Douglas through social media marketing efforts.


In order to understand the product and the brand better, Fenix spent time reading the book and studying the website and history of the author. The team also spent time learning about the target audience for the book and what would resonate with them as well as what they were already talking about through social listening. The team quickly learned and understood the goals of the client, the voice of the brand and representation of the brand and book that needed to be portrayed to the target market of readers.


In gathering the necessary information, the team was able to assess and determine what was needed to successfully market the new book through the social media platform of Facebook. Relevant quotes, messaging and imagery were gathered to create a unique social media strategy and campaign for the new book as well as applicable graphics and Ads to complement promotion efforts. Ideas to be used in conjunction with the information obtained were also generated.

billion monthly active users are on Facebook
minutes per day are spent on Facebook
posts per day can increase engagement

Stats obtained from Sprout Social


During the first month of service, Fenix set up and created the necessary accounts for the client. Time was spent creating and branding the new Facebook page with graphics, content and a custom username. The team carefully crafted a social media plan, campaign and calendar with key messages around Dr. Douglas and the new book. Ads were developed to aid in the marketing efforts of the page and book.

Once all key messaging, content and graphic work was outlined and developed, the team began writing content and scheduling rich media for the platform. By month two and onwards, the team had introduced new methods of increasing brand awareness, reach and potential sales of the new book through email marketing, targeted lists, community building, analytics reporting, videography work, engagement and more.

Branded Social Media Assets

Below shows some examples of the branded messaging created for Dr. Douglas in promoting his new book:


In the span of four months, the team at Fenix was able to establish followers and create a solid social media presence for Dr. Bruce Douglas and his book on Facebook. Each month the impressions, post engagements, link clicks back to the website or bookstore pages and new fans steadily increased.

By the end of month four, the Facebook page had accumulated:

  • 200+ published posts
  • 180+ new, organic fans
  • 62.9k users reached
  • 1.1k video views
  • And more!


Total Impressions
Post Engagements
Link Clicks


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