6 Marketing Trends for 2017

The start of a new year is a perfect opportunity to revamp your company’s digital marketing strategy. If you’re still looking for changes to make to your strategy, check out these marketing trends for 2017!

Marketing Trends for 2017

1. Tell a Story

Use stories in your marketing efforts to help build relationships with your customers. Start by making buyer personas to map out your ideal customers. After you’ve created buyer personas, use stories that speak directly to these customers. By telling stories with your marketing strategy, you connect with customers and allow them to humanize your brand.

2. Go Mobile

It may seem obvious at this stage in the game, but some businesses still operate without a mobile-responsive website. Not only will this marketing faux pas affect your Google ranking but it will cause you to lose customers too! In 2016, smartphone users in the United States alone numbered over 200 million people. That’s a lot of potential customers your company could exclude without a mobile-responsive website. One more mobile statistic for you: 61% of mobile users are more likely to contact a local business with a mobile site. Overall, Mobile sites allow for intuitive navigation, faster loading times, and customer satisfaction.

3. Use Video

According to Google, people who view videos on their phones are 1.4X as likely to watch ads as those who view videos on desktop computers or televisions. Not only that, smartphone users were nearly 2X as likely as TV users to feel a personal connection to brands that show video content and 1.3X as likely as desktop users. You can embed videos onto your website and post videos on social media pages– the possibilities are endless.

4. Use Video

No, it’s not a typo! Video is paramount in today’s digital marketing environment and we can’t stress it enough. Consider using social media’s newest Live Video features on Facebook and Instagram. Live video streaming provides your customers with brand transparency, promotes your brand to a captive audience, and adds a sense of urgency to encourage customer action. Need some examples of companies doing it right? Check out this article by Forbes.

5. Use Visuals

We all know the importance of content marketing, but with the importance placed on what customers read we often forget what customers see. For 2017, make it a priority to improve your blog’s visual content. Incorporate high-quality images that enhance an article’s purpose. Infographics are another great option. You can include infographics on your blog and post them on your social media accounts. Great images and graphics make your content more appealing and increase audience engagement.

6. Utilize Data

Thanks to technology, businesses can remove a lot of guesswork from digital marketing strategy. Analytics and data help companies understand consumer action and, in turn, make better, more strategic decisions. What do customers click on? What messages speak to them? As you utilize date to make informed decisions based on consumer action, your digital marketing plan turns into digital marketing strategy. There becomes, as they say, a method behind the madness!

Use this year to improve your company’s marketing and digital presence. Set goals, take a few risks, and most importantly, use data to make inform decisions. Before you know it, 2017 will be over. Don’t let your company get left behind.

If you need help implementing changes or forming a marketing strategy, contact Fenix Creatives today!

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