How to Get More Conversions Through A Great Website Design

While many website owners prefer to focus only on aesthetics, they must keep in mind their desired conversion objectives to ensure that they strike a balance when it comes to designing a website that resonates with users.

The ultimate goal is to build profitability, so aesthetics cannot work in isolation from the overall objectives of the company. Many website owners complain that they have visually appealing websites, but conversion rates remain low. While intuition and usability are key foundations for good website design, you must consider subtle elements that will contribute to your overall conversion goals.

This guide equips you with strategies to get more conversions through great website design.

Establishing a Responsive Website Design

When planning your website design, keep in mind that responsiveness is key. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, then you’re probably not going to get as many conversions as you’d like because of the sheer number of smartphone and tablet users across the world. With a mobile-friendly website, you will not only be privy to higher web traffic, but you will also be able to convert more visitors into customers. If users cannot access your website properly on their devices, they will instantly move on to other websites that translate better on those devices. Google has also started to penalize unresponsive websites through the launch of their new algorithm, which means that a responsive website is now a ranking signal for the search engine.

Simplicity Speaks Louder Than Complicated Designs

The best website designs are not complex, at least, not today. Previously, webmasters used complex elements like flash because they believed that more complex website designs would benefit from better reputations. But this is no longer the case. Complicated website designs could end up harming the user experience, which in turn will put them off and will result in them possibly switching to competitor websites. Keep your website design as simple as possible and make sure that your layout is legible. It needs to be clean, easy to scan and information should be clear and readily available for the visitor.

Build a Clear Call-To-Action Dynamic

If you want someone to buy a product from your website, say so! If you want someone to fill up a form, make it clear! When you have a specific call-to-action dynamic in mind, make sure it stands out because this is a vital element when it comes to website conversion. Keep in mind that other elements like headers, content and images are supporting and should supplement your eventual conversion goal. Your visitors should know their expected call-to-action in seconds if you’re looking to boost your website’s conversion rate. Directional cues draw the eye specifically towards the desired call-to-action button to help users better understand what you want them to do.

Don’t Skimp Out On Attention to Navigation

Users want websites that are easy to navigate when it comes to finding certain information because they don’t have the time to go hunting for the information they need. All information should be available to the user in three clicks maximum. If the user has to click through beyond this, chances are they will give up before they get to where they need to be. The ability to quickly and seamlessly find information is vital to higher website conversion rates, so consider getting a clear navigation menu included in your overall website design. Directional cues also work well when it comes to navigation from one web page to the next seamlessly.

Breadcrumbs to help visitors keep track of their path on the website and also sitemaps are very useful and should exist on your site, especially if you have a website that is 2 – 3 layers deep in navigation.

Paying attention to these smart and achievable design principles will help you obtain positive results when it comes to boosting your website’s conversion rate. Once you are able to rectify small design mistakes in your website, you’ll suddenly find your bottom line swelling more than ever before.

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