How to Build a Successful Business Blog From Scratch

You started with a website that has all of your pertinent information. But after several pages of information about your services, products, and contact information, what is there to keep your potential customers coming back often enough that they feel compelled to make their first purchase?

One solution is to develop a business blog. Blogs serve a more refined marketing purpose than they once did. Instead of being soapboxes on which writers spout their latest rant or delight us with tales of their latest adventure, they have become a more polished and curated platform.

You can use your business blog to help you in any of the following areas:

  • Increase traffic
  • Build an audience of fans or followers
  • Provide useful information (added value for customers)
  • Connect with customers on a more personal level
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Help people make a better buying decision

Know your audience

You want your readers to do something—buy this product, call me for more information, make an appointment today—but how are you going to ask them in the most effective way if you don’t know who you are talking to?

Different demographics will respond to your content in different ways, and if you want to get the most conversions possible it pays to write your blog in a way that resonates with your target audience and is relatable. Your blog has to provide information that is useful and relevant to your audience. When you provide content that your readers find valuable, they are more likely to make the decision you want them to make.

Knowing who you are writing for will help you determine what kinds of SEO or keywords will be most useful to you.

Learn to create a detailed buyer persona for your business to get the ball rolling. The persona will help you later down the line because you will be able to use your blog in clever ways to do market research

Plan (but not too hard)

Remember that mistake one is not having a plan, but that mistake two—and maybe the more egregious one—is planning so long that the content of the blog and the design of the blog become outdated before you gain some momentum.

Make a content schedule for your blog that gives you several months’ worth of material that can be written easily and lined up in your queue. When you are starting a new marketing campaign, plan out how that will translate on the blog. Don’t plan too much that you push yourself into a corner when something new comes up and you can’t make the time or space to post about it.

Stay on brand

The current generations with the most buying power such as the Millennials and Gen-Z, are used to connecting with brands before products. Even when it comes to the entertainment they love, if it doesn’t have a strong brand and “culture” it gets looked over in search of the next ‘trend’.

If your business has strong branding, then the blog should follow suit. Reveal through the blog your mission, your future and some glimpses behind the scenes. Provide just enough information to make your audience feel included, interested and wanting more.


Sell out (kind of)

Here’s your chance to promote your blog’s content any way you can. The upside here is that if your content is great, you really won’t need to do as much work to get yourself out there and reel people in. You will still have work to do, but the results may happen quicker with great content versus a blog with sub-par content.

Attracting your first few readers is the hardest because they’re taking a chance on you, ‘the new kid on the block.’ Use your vendors, business partners and even your company staff as your influencers and brand ambassadors. Kindly ask them to tweet or re-post a select number of your posts to get some interest and help you expand your reach. Amp up your blogging efforts with a professional writer, PR expert or SEO Strategist who can help you take that next step in expanding your network of readers. Then, once you build your blog readership, continue putting out the high-quality posts that will keep them coming back for more.


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