the story behind our NAME

The name FENIX is the traditional Latin spelling of ‘Phoenix.’

According to Greek mythology, the Fenix is a legendary bird that is reborn by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Linked to the powerful sun, the Fenix dies in a show of flames and combustion of its own making in order to rise again.

In Jewish lore, the Fenix, or Chol, was in the Garden of Eden when Eve was deceived by the serpent to eat the forbidden fruit. Eve tempted all of the other creatures to follow suit, but only the Fenix obeyed God. As a result, God granted the Fenix eternal life through the ability to live for over 1,400 years and the opportunity for rebirth.

The Fenix became a Christian symbol and metaphor for Christ’s resurrection. Today, the Fenix symbolizes renewal, immortality, and royalty.


In one word, our culture is family. The creatives behind Fenix have worked together for years and celebrate collaboration and friendship inside the office and beyond. We extend this same warmth to our clients, who often become our friends as well. We’re natural problem solvers who love to teach ourselves new strategies that will benefit our clients. We’re committed, determined, always diligent professionals with can-do attitudes. The Fenix culture is naturally resilient. Strong, but not boastful. Fearless, but not reckless. Assertive, but not aggressive. Everything we do is centered around our clients, and we approach every situation with honesty and integrity.

Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall. - Ray Bradbury


Always tell the truth. Even when it’s hard to do.
There are no dumb ideas.
Chocolate is always a good decision.
No one ever created anything without some good music.
You have a brand whether you know it or not
or pay attention to it. (Pssst … you should pay attention to it.)
Show don’t tell. Benefits not features.
Clarity cuts costs.
Anything can be improved upon.
Life is too short for bad coffee.
Have fun!